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Few days ago I have posted a tutorial on how to improve a wordpress blog SEO performance. If you have missed it, then you can find it here.

Just after the tutorial went online, I took a week vacation until today. That means it’s left as it is for a week without any additional work on it. So I’d like to do some promotion immediately in order to make up the work that I should’ve done during that week. I shared it on Twitter, Facebook and BluSEO without any hesitation as I think social sharing is still and will be a good way for promoting my content. Actually this is the very first thing I’ve always been doing if I want to promote any post of my blog and it works fine.

After a while I did a research to see what pages will pop up for the keyword “wordpress SEO”, which is just what the tutorial is focusing on. To my surprise, my sharing on Google Plus comes to second spot on page 1.
Google Plus Link Strategies

Google+ sharing comes to #2 on Page 1 in just an hour

You may see a different SERP dependent on your IP, but this result is really amazing and unexpected! #2 on page 1 in just one hour!

So my first reaction is to take a note in my head: Google+ post is indexed by Google in no time, and loved by Google so get a high ranking!

I clicked the link to that very sharing. There is no link in the content. I feel regret not putting a link in it. But in the preview section at the bottom, there is the clickable title of that tutorial.

You know what’s more exciting? It’s even a dofollow link!
Google plus dofollow link

Google plus dofollow link

I looked into it more, and found that if you put link in the content, it’s nofollowed. Most of us would have expected this. And also Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks automatically add “rel=nofollow” attributes to every link you post.
Google+ Content link = nofollow

Google+ Content link = nofollow

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